Wednesday, January 27, 2010

::The Only Hers::

“It must be here! must be here! Where is it?” looking for something as it was the most precious thing in the world. Lara cried, “Please, where are you?”.

It was a rainy day that Lara has to stay inside the house. Looking through the yellowish floral curtain, she was thinking when the rain will stop.

Few of cough sounds come from a room not far from Lara’s room. She walked silently to the room. She hardly can see anything but the back of her parents. She stood still right in front of the door, wondering and curious about what is actually happening inside the room.

Lara can still hear the cough, and its sound getting worst. She can see a blood stains on the bed sheet. Mom quickly closes the door. Lara was shocked and wondered why her mom suddenly shut the door.

Lara walked through the couch and turn on the television. The cartoon channel definitely was the first choice for a kid of 6 years old, just like Lara. Tom the cat was very busied, non-stopping, trying to catch Jerry the mouse.

Lara keeps wondering about what had just happened. The cough she heard, the blood stains she saw keeps playing in her minds. The cartoon channel, ‘Tom and Jerry’ couldn’t catch her attention for the first time, ever. “Why does mommy closed the door? Why mommy looks so worried? And what happen to sis Doria? Was she sick?”, a 6 years old girl trying to figure out what was actually happen.

On the next morning, Lara ran to the kitchen, looking for her mom to seek for the answer of yesterday’s question, “Mommy, mommy, what is happening yesterday?” “Nothing happen, sweetie”, mom was busy stirring the mushroom soup, preparing for the breakfast. “Then why mommy closed the door?”, Lara keeps asking her mom. “Sweetie, where is your pink bowl? You’re surely didn’t want someone else to have this mushroom soup before you, right?” avoiding from answering Lara’s question. Lara suddenly forgot what she had asked. She quickly grabs her favorite pink bowl and gave it to her mom and waits to have her favorite mushroom soup.

Mushroom soup was always Lara’s favorite meal during breakfast time. “Here’s your favorite soup, darling”, putting the pink bowl of hot delicious mushroom soup on the table for Lara. “Mmmmmmm! I’m loving it and I love u, mommy” Lara smiled.

Mom turned and said “Sweetie, you must finish your soup before watching the tv, while mommy gonna bring the soup to your sister”, holding a bowl of hot mushroom soup. “Ok, mommy” Lara nodded, busy enjoying the warm delicious mushroom soup.

As usual, after finishing her breakfast, Lara will lie on the couch watching her favorite cartoon’s channel. Suddenly, what was happened yesterday started to come in her mind. Slowly, she walked to her sister’s bedroom, leaving the television turned on.

Doria, Lara’s sister was lying still on the bed. Her face was so pale, and so her lips. She looks very weak. “Sis, are you sick?” Lara asked softly. “No, im not, Lara. Im just tired.” Doria answered with a very weak voice.

“But why you looks so pale, sis?”

Doria smiled, “Don’t you know that your sister was the fairest? But still, my sister was the prettiest.”

“Lara, how many times do I have to tell you? Do not leave the tv turned on if you’re not watching it” a voice coming through the door.

“Oh, mommy. Im sorry, sorry, sorry. ” Lara had just realized that she had left the television turned on.

“Now go and turn off the tv. Mommy got some work to do here. And sis Doria needs to take her bath,”

Lara kissed her sister’s cheek. ”Let me sleep with you tonight, sis. It’s been a hundred years you haven’t sleep with me.” Lara makes a sulky face.Touches her face, Doria said, “Sure, Lara.”It was a cold night. Lara was just bringing her favorite blanket. As usual, Lara always shares her sister’s pillow whenever she slept with Doria. “Sis, can I ask you something?” Lara asked while lying next to Doria. “Are you sick? Why your body was so cold?”

“It was a very cold night, right?” a simple answer comes out from Doria’s mouth.

“Let me hug you so that I can keep you warm till next morning”, Lara hugs her sister and they shared the same blanket, Lara’s blanket.

Lara’s eyes were closed, but her mouth keeps asking her sister. “Sis, I’ve saw a blood stains on your bed sheet last time. Was it yours?” a very straight forward question that comes out from a 6 years old kid who is always curious about lots of thing.

“Ssshhh..lets sleep, Lara,” Doria kisses her little sister’s forehead.

“Dear God, she’s still too young to understand the pain” Doria’s voice in sobbed. Lara hears the words, but she’s too sleepy to ask. That was the last voice of Doria she had heard.

Tears came down through Lara’s cheek when she had found the necklace. A very beautiful crystal necklace she had in her hand when she woke up the next morning, next to her sister ten years ago.

p/s: credit for Carol n Azleen...thanks a lots guys!!^^

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