Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Flash Player Problem in Mozilla Firefox

entry kali nih pasal kenapa la kan flash player kat mozilla aku nih, 
mcm x berapa nk fungsi...
jenuh ak try mcm2 bende....nk kata x upgrade version, dh upgrade dah..
agak naik hangin jugak la kan..
sbb mozilla nih tpt ak untuk mendonlod...heehehee...
godek punya godek, tetibe dpt satu info dr artikel nih :-

Can't watch Flash vids in Firefox? It's not just you
Mozilla, Adobe working on fix for Vista/Win7 problem

The latest update to Adobe's Flash has been crashing Mozilla Firefox users on Windows since last week, but the firms behind the products are still searching for a fix.
"We are aware that some users of Firefox on Windows updating to Flash 11.3 encounter issues watching videos ... We are working with Adobe on a fix," a Mozilla spokesperson told The Reg late Friday.
Reg readers said that Flash was crashing the Firefox browsers, or if the browser didn't crash, videos were freezing or not displaying properly after the update.
A Mozilla spokesperson updated The Reg over the weekend, saying that the problems appeared to be affecting Firefox users on Windows Vista and Windows 7.
"Some Firefox users on Windows Vista and Windows 7 are experiencing problems when viewing videos in Adobe Flash Player 11.3, released on June 8, 2012," said Mozilla.
"Firefox and/or Flash Player may crash or not load videos using Flash Player, or videos may not display correctly.
"Adobe and Mozilla are working closely to diagnose and address these issues. In the meantime, Firefox users experiencing problems viewing videos in Flash Player should try the workarounds listed in this help article," Mozilla advised. ®

source:- http://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/06/18/flash_update_crashes_firefox/

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