Friday, April 1, 2011

:: Big Bang World Tour 2011 ::

Today, April 1, YGE posted an update on their YG-Life blog announcing details of Big Bang's upcoming world tour:

"Hello. This is YG Entertainment.

Big Bang, who has just released their 4th mini album, will be releasing a 4.5 mini album that will include some new songs.

Big Bang's 4th mini album did very well locally and have been on top of music charts since its release. The album also ranked #3 on Billboard's World Album Chart, showing how they are also very popular outside Korea.

With this, we are pleased to announce that Big Bang will be having their world tour starting June.

Big Bang will be holding concerts from June to October in Asia, America, Australia and Africa. The concerts in Asia will be in June and July and the rest will start in August. Their schedule this June is as follows:

June 3 and 4 - Thailand
June 10 - Malaysia
June 11 - Singapore
June 17 - Philippines
June 19 - Indonesia
June 24 - Vietnam
June 26 - Taiwan
June 30 - Hong Kong

Their schedules for July to October will be announced next month.

wow!!!! tetibe dpt link nih kan....ape lagi mmg obses la....hehheeh

huwa!!!! My Lovely Big Bang nk dtg Malaysia...x sabar nye....^^
akan ku bwak sepanduk2 dan VIP crown yg ak nih mmg real VIP..heheehe...
(VIP---> stand for nama peminat utk Big Bang.....)...sangat sonok....
x sabo nk beli tiket dier...sentiasa searching2 tiket..takut habis lak kan...
sbb fan diorg nih bole tahan jugak ramainya...
cume x berapa nk expose jer.... org kater... "diam2 ubi berisi"..hehehhee
cume x tau la tarikh yg diorg sebut tuh betul ke x....
tp yg pastinya bulan June..hope jgn la 4 June...huhuhu mau layan lagu diorg..
chiau..jumep d next entry....

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